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Governance and Accountability

ZAPP Trust has a board of trustees who are responsible for governance and management of the Trust. The board of trustees is made up of 5 members, 2 executives and 3 non-executives. They provide the policy direction to the organisation and ensure that the organisation overall comply with the laws of the land.
The executive is mainly responsible for the management functions and ensure that there are good internal control systems, including ensuring that the annual audits and financial statements are done by external auditors.
On a quarterly basis, the board of trustees sits and deliberate on policies to ensure that there is compliance with all relevant legislation. They assess whether the organisation’s policies have been implemented effectively among other things. A compliance report forms part of management report to every Board meeting and the report assists the board to ensure that governance responsibilities are being met.

Executive Members
Professor Simbarashe Rusakaniko – Executive Director
Professor Frances Mary Cowan – Global Health, London School of Tropical Medicine

Non-Executive Members
Dr Lynda Stranix –Chibanda – Paediatrician (University of Zimbabwe)
Dr Gerard Kadzirange – Physician (University of Zimbabwe)
Mr John Mutonono – Lawyer